Drawn Just 4 U

I would love to meet your illustration needs!

Maybe you need:

  • Coloring pages
    • for a specific holiday or religious event
    • celebrating a milestone in your church
    • for your blog
    • a special coloring page for your own child
  • A ‘Can You Find’ style picture with hidden objects for kids to find or color
  • A Printable Coloring Book: See my Wedding Coloring Book Page
  • A Company header or logo
  • Clip art
  • Illustrations for a book or novel
  • Illustrations for a website


(Depending on your specific needs these are flexible)

Concept sketch in pencil- $5
Single Character in black ink- $10

Multiple Characters- add $2 per person
Detailed/Intricate drawings – depends on how detailed $15-100

Colored in with watercolors starts at $10
Colored in digitally starts at $5


These prices are just a starting point for discussion.  Everyone’s needs are different and every project is different.  I am happy to discuss any project and work with you on pricing. No project is too small.  If all you need is one coloring page, I’m happy to help!
I have been known to trade illustrating services for products on your own website or blog.  I will also consider adjusting price in exchange for affiliate links or promotional codes I can offer my readers.

I love drawing, but more than drawing I love seeing others find joy in the things I’ve drawn.  If you have a project for your company, website, or just want something unique for your 3 year-old to color so he’ll leave you alone for just 5 minutes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Download and fill out this Request for Quote form. Email it to me at drawn2bcreative@gmail.com to get started!

I accept Paypal (and chocolate chip cookies).

What will it look like?

My drawings are hand-drawn, not computer drawn.  Make sure this is what you want.   If you want something drawn it will look something like this:

Coloring Page created for a Saint Mary Parish- Ink and digital touch up

I can color illustrations digitally or paint them with watercolors.

NativityColor3watermarkedNativity Scene Illustrated for Celebrating Holidays- example of digital coloring


Example of Watercoloring Saint Jude Picture- example of watercoloring

More examples are in the Portfolio page.

What is the end product?

I adjust the end product to your needs.  Most pictures are .jpeg files.  Clip art pictures are .png with no background (so you don’t end up with a big white box around the picture if you put it in front of a background).

If you prefer, I can save your illustrations in a .docx, .doc, .pub, or .pdf. Just let me know what format meets your needs.

If you are interested in a physical product, I will handle these on a case by case basis.  Email me with questions if you are looking for artwork for your home.



  1. Karla Zmegac

    Hi Kristen,

    Each year, I do a Jonah project with my kids for lent. Jonah is a type of Christ so he’s a fitting preparation story for Easter and my kids look forward to it each year.

    I was wondering if you could do a 3D printable project for Jonah. So having the ship and the whale and the Gourd, the city of Nineveh. And then make the whale able to hold Jonah in his mouth and then spit him up on Sunday morning.

    I don’t think could afford for you to do this for me personally, but maybe you could consider making one as an extra for your own portfolio here on drawnto be creative. I’d be happy to pay once it’s done of course, and maybe so would lots of other mums. Just a suggestion. Thankyou for the wonderful art work and printable you provide for free, just lovely. I’m from Australia, btw.

    1. Kristen Rabideau (Post author)

      Hi Karla,
      Thanks for your kind words! I’ll consider doing a Jonah printable in the future, thanks for the suggestion!


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