Wow this site is growing fast! And with it, my pile of emails! Just like many of you, I’m a full time momma, teacher, house-keeper, cook, etc and only a part time illustrator/blogger. I love getting email, but if you have a question, check here first!  If you want to just tell me how much you love printables, then go ahead and send that email 😉



How do I subscribe to Drawn2BCreative?

It’s easy! See the box on the left? Write your email in there and click “Subscribe”!


Next, check your email.  You will need to confirm your subscription before you’ll receive emails when I publish something new!

If you think you’ve subscribed, but are not receiving emails, you probably have not confirmed your subscription.  Dig back through your emails and find the one that’s from FeedBurner Email Subscription. It’ll look something like this:

feedburner email confirmation

After you confirm your subscription, you will start getting emails from me on the next post published. Please be aware it does not send you any previously published posts, only the ones I publish from the date you subscribe and onward.

If you want something in the subscribers only page, and you just subscribed, I’m sorry but you’re just going to have to wait until I publish something new to get the next post email.  I have no way of sending everyone a ‘Subscriber’s Only ‘ link right after they subscribe.

I’m a subscriber, but I can’t find the “Subscribers only!” page. How can I find it?

If you get the emails, it will be at the very end of the email you get.  Look for the link that says “Subscribers only!”


I am currently a subscribers, but I no longer want to be, how do I unsubscribe?

Are you sure? You really don’t want anymore coloring pages or printables coming right to your inbox? Ok then, find your last email from me and click, “unsubscribe now”  all the way at the bottom.  I’m so sorry to see you go! But I also totally understand.

I’m looking for a coloring page of a specific saint, biblical event, biblical person, church activity, feast day celebration etc.  Do you take requests?

I take requests for coloring pages and if the timing is right I’ll make them and put them up on the “Free Printables” page.  If it is something you need urgently then I may request a commission fee to complete it within your time constraints. (I set aside time every week for big projects or commissioned projects- so this is one way to get bumped up in priority).  You can make a request either in a comment box anywhere on this site or by emailing me at drawn2bcreative{at}gmail{dot}com.

I want to use your coloring pages/mini-books/printables for my classroom, can I do that?

Absolutely!  Print as many coloring pages as you like.  If it is a paid for item, like My mini-rosary books, Saint Dolls, etc, I ask that you only print as many as you need for your own classroom. I do not have different pricing for classroom vs home use.  If it comes out of your own printer (or your school printer for your own class), I’m happy for you to share.  I ask that you DO NOT share files you paid for over email or the internet in anyway.  After all, you paid for it, and it keeps coffee in my cup which makes me a better mommy.  Ok in actuality most of it goes towards having a website (domain names, hosting servers, etc), keeping a working computer and printer, and what’s left over goes towards doing fun stuff with my kids- arguably making me a better mommy… but I digress.

My minibook pages do not line up correctly, what did I do wrong?

Make sure you are printing it correctly.  Several people have had the issue of Adobe Acrobat printing to ‘fit’ the image.  You want to print ‘actual.’  Most home printers will print within 1/4 inch of the side of the paper.  The minibooks usually take advantage of all the available printing space.  However, Adobe seems to think you want to shrink minibooks.  Just click the dot next to “actual.”


I promise you I have personally tested everyone of my mini-books and if you print them in actual size and fold them, the pages line up perfectly.  By tested, I mean I have used a lot of paper and redrawing things to get them just right, please don’t send me an angry email saying I didn’t make them right.  Unless you have printed them ‘actual’ size and still don’t like them, then you can send me an email. But I’d still prefer it not be angry.

Ok, I’ve printed my Mini-book, but how do I fold this thing again?

Please see my How to Fold Your Mini-book page. There are step by step instructions with pictures, or you can watch the video.  If it still doesn’t make sense, I suggest getting a 12 year old to make it- they can figure out anything.  It must be a magic age of figuring out how to do stuff based on youtube videos.  If you don’t have a 12 year old, maybe your neighbor does and you can borrow him/her.


How do I use a coupon code?

When you are on your cart screen (after you have added something to your cart, click ‘View Cart’ on the left), enter it in the small box at the bottom of your item list, and click the grey “Apply Coupon” button next to it. It will update your cart to include the discount.

coupon code

Where do I get a coupon code from?

Just keep an eye on the blog.  I periodically post coupon codes for special feast days or when I’m randomly feeling generous, or spontaneous. I know, it’s not helpful, but that’s how coupon codes go here.  Subscribe so you don’t miss them!


I don’t have paypal, can I still buy your neat products?

Yes! Actually when you go to check out, it’ll ask you to log into paypal, but RIGHT under that log in is the option to pay with a credit card.  It looks like this:


Just click that and enter your credit card info.  You can use any credit card or paypal to purchase anything on my website.  Or if I know you in person, you can just drop off some cookies at my front door for payment. I do not accept cash or check, sorry!

I want to support Drawn2BCreative, but I already bought your Mini-Rosary books and other stuff, how else can I support you?

What I want is prayers.  Prayers for me, prayers for my husband, prayers for my kids, prayers for my extended family, prayers for peace, prayers for our leaders, prayers for all the children in the world who go hungry and don’t have parents to love them and teach them about the love of Christ.

After you’re done praying for all of that, you can also Donate to Drawn2BCreative.  I’m not a non-profit (although I do send a portion of my income to Saint Jude’s Research Hospital), so you won’t get a tax break.  But you will help me buy more coffee and chocolate chips, and probably encourage me to make more printable items for use in schools, churches and homes. Plus you’ll be supporting a stay at home, homeschooling, house keeping momma just like yourself, and doesn’t that feel good?






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