Saint Jude Mini Book

Saint Jude was one of the original 12 apostles of Jesus, and is known as our patron saint of hopeless cases.  I made a FREE mini-coloring book for Saint Jude.

saint jude thumnail

Mini books are so fun because you take an ordinary sheet of paper, make a few folds, one cut and you have a mini book with seven pages! This one has some coloring pages of Saint Jude along with this short little poem:

One of the twelve apostles was Saint Jude.
He spent lots of time with Jesus, they even shared food!
Saint Jude was known to be loving and zealous.
He taught people to be humble, meek, and selfless.
He preached the gospel to Jews in many places,
and is known as the patron saint of hopeless cases.
Saint Jude suffered a martyr’s fate. 
His feast day is on October 28.


Download Saint Jude Mini Book

(When printing from Adobe Acrobat, make sure you choose ‘actual’ instead of ‘fit’ in printing options)

Here are a couple of the pages colored in with some coloring pencils.

St Jude Coloring Page

Saint Jude Mini bookInstructions for folding your Saint Jude Mini-book:

Print your Saint Jude Mini Book (one sided on white paper)

Fold paper in half the long skinny way, with the print on the outside. Crease well.

mini book instructions

 Unfold, and refold in half the short, fat, way with the print on the outside. Crease well.

Saint Jude Minibook instructions

Unfold, and fold the outside edges inward (like a pamphlet or lapbook). Crease well.

Saint Jude Minibook instructions

Unfold, and refold in half the short, fat way again.  Using scissors, cut along the crease in the middle, stopping when you meet the intersection of creases (see the picture below). 


Saint jude minibook

  Open up at the cut, and fold into a book with the cover in front.

Saint Jude Minibook
P1000352 (793x1024)



Since this is a free printable, if you really liked it and would’ve paid money for this cute foldable book, use that money to donate to Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Remember as we all are celebrating Halloween, All Saints Day and many of the other fun holidays coming up, there are many sick and terminally ill children.  

How do your donations help?

  • Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel,
    housing or food – because all a family should worry about is helping
    their child live.
  • Because the majority of St. Jude funding comes from individual
    contributors, we have the freedom to focus on what matters most – saving
    kids regardless of their financial situation.
-excerpt from Why Support St. Jude.


Click the link below to be directed to Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Donation Page:

Donate to St. Jude Children Research Hospital





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