A Pope Francis Link-up (with coloring pages and a paper doll!)

The World Meeting of Families is just around the corner!  Are you going? I know a lot of people who are. I’ll be home, being not pregnant and feeling dumb for not planning to go because I thought I might be pregnant, but by the time I knew I wasn’t going to be nauseous and pregnant it was way too late to book anything in Philadelphia. <gasp> But enough about me.  I hope you ARE going. If you’re bringing your kids with you and it’s a long drive to get there (or even a short one), this post IS FOR YOU!


I’ve got some exciting Pope Francis printables of my own at the end, but first I want to share a great list of Pope Francis themed entertainment you and your kids to enjoy for that long plane/train/car trip.

First check out the Catholic Digest’s 5 ways to prepare for the World Meeting of Families.

On Prayer:

 In Pope Francis’ General Audience, he stressed the importance on teaching our children how to pray. So, I’m check out these ideas on Teaching your Children to Pray.

Joke With the Pope:

Spend some of your travel time thinking of a joke to submit to www.jokewiththepope.org. I know a lot of you have smart phones, tablets and all that fancy technology- so you could even make a video of your family saying the joke to submit.  It all goes towards some great causes.  Also, just so you know, it’s totally legit and was created by the Pontifical Mission Societies, the Catholic Church’s official support organization for overseas missions.  Here’s the one I submitted:

How does the Pope make his room smell nice?

He uses Potpourri!


Pope Francis coloring and crafts:

Be sure to check out Catholic Icing’s Pope Francis Craft.  He’s a 3-D printable craft, modeled after the Advent Saints Lacy and I made last year. Isn’t he so cute?! (Maybe you can color him in the car, save cutting him out for when your vehicle is stopped- I don’t recommend scissors in a moving car)



And make sure you check out all the Pope Francis activity sheets from Real Life At Home. (a $2.50 downloadable)

And of course from me, I have for you some Pope Francis and his crest coloring pages!

 Print and have your kids color them on your way to Philadelphia, or at home while you look out the window wishing you were on your way to Philadelphia. I even made the one of Pope Francis in spanish 🙂


Pope Francis and Crest Coloring Pages

Papa Francisco y la Cresta colorear- Espanol


For the best results, please click and save to your computer before printing.  Sometimes the bubble letters don’t print correctly if you just print it from your browser.


And if that weren’t enough, I also made a Pope Francis Paper Doll.  For a limited time, you can download the Pope Francis Paper Doll and the Vatican Pop-up Scene in black and white here for free!  

pope francis paper doll and vatican scene

Pope Francis Paper Doll and Vatican


For the best results, please click and save to your computer before printing.  Be sure to click ‘actual’ under printing size (do not shrink to fit).

Isn’t he cute! If you love this activity be sure to check out my pack of Saint Paper Dolls and Scenes in my Shop!

For Mom and Dad:

If those are keeping your kids busy and happy, make sure you pack some good books so you can grow spiritually even before you get to the World Meeting of Families (or while you’re at home wishing you were at the World Meeting of Families).


Laudato Si — On Care for Our Common Home

The Church of Mercy


God Bless Pope Francis!



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    Thank you, Kristen, for letting me know you have this in Spanish!!! This is great!

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    Hi Risten, I love these! Thank you so much for putting this together — I’ve been looking for some fun things to do this week with the kids! Perfect! 🙂

  3. Sheri

    Thank you for the free Pope coloring sheets. I certainly appreciate them. 😇

    1. Kristen Rabideau (Post author)

      Thanks! You are so welcome! 🙂

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