Drawn2BCreative is expanding… plus a new shop

I love making Catholic Printables! I also love making educational printables!  I’ve decided to merge them all here at www.drawn2bcreative.com.

As I work for Catholic Schoolhouse and homeschool my own daughter I know I’ll be making some of my own educational printables.  I plan to share them here with you!  Some free, and some (which take lots of time, effort and coffee) will cost a little at my shop page.

The other news is… I’ve made a new shop page.  I’ve gotten rid of my old e-commerce service and am trying something new.  I went ahead and added a whole year’s worth of US Geography Lapbook printables while I was at it.  Want to try out my new shop or a new product?  For this week ONLY, you can use the discount code “newshop” and get 50% off of everything you buy.  My only request is that you consider rating and/or commenting on my shop items.  If you love it let me know!

If you’re thinking of teaching US Geography this coming fall, those lapbooks could be a great resource for you!  I also sell these on Teacherspayteachers, but I’ve listed them here for a lower price (TPT takes a big cut when I sell stuff on their site).  The Mid-atlantic states lapbook is free for you to try and see if you like making Lapbooks.  I think they’re a totally cool way for kids to learn, but that’s just my opinion.

I’ll be adding stuff to my shop for the next few weeks.  It takes time to put it all up here.

Anyway, I pray you all are having a wonderful summer! Thanks for being here and stay tuned for more printables!


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