Stations of the Cross Worksheets

This Lent my Stations of the Cross coloring pages have been extremely popular.  We’ve been busy making popsicle stick grottos and using the coloring pages to make our own Stations for home use.  That got me thinking how useful it would be to have all of this memorized, much like we do with the Rosary Mysteries (well I suppose the goal is to memorize them, no judgement here if you use a cheat sheet, I know I do sometimes).

And that got me thinking, it’d be good to have some simple but fun worksheets on the Stations of the Cross.  I did some googling and found very few fun worksheets on the Stations of the Cross, so I did what I always do.  I made my own!

Normally I’d put these sorts of things up for free, but they really took me a long time to put together.  Included are ten pages of worksheets both in color, black and white and also answer keys.  It’s a total of 33 pages in the downloadable file including all of those versions plus a couple of title pages. 

What’s included?  Included are 10 worksheet pages including, Stations matching the number to the image, matching numbers to Roman Numerals,Word Search, Cut and Paste, Coloring Puzzle, Crossword puzzle, Word Scramble, Maze, and Handwriting Practice.  

Two pages go through matching the number to the title and picture of the Station (page 1 is Stations 1-7, page 2 is Stations 8-14).  There’s a matching page to match Roman Numerals to regular numbers, since many parish Stations use Roman Numerals.  Then the cut and paste, puzzle to color and cut out, word scramble, maze and handwriting will all just encourage memorization of those Stations, while being fun and entertaining for your kids. 

They are in my shop for only $1 for this week only!  That’s my sneaky way of saying thanks to my frequent viewers, subscribers and anyone who cares enough to share my posts or products with their friends! ;).  

Click over to the store to purchase and download right now!


Thanks and God Bless!


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