3-D Printable Advent Calendar Boxes- in 4 display designs!

I am so excited to share with you these 3-D Printable Advent Calendar Boxes, with 4 different ways to display them!  Add a fun new twist to the way you count down to Christmas with these boxes!

 Each side of the 25 printable boxes show a different festive picture giving you several ways to display your Advent Calendar.  One side shows large block numbers:

One side shows ornaments with the number of stars for the day:

If you love doing a Jesse Tree, one side each box shows a Jesse tree event or person. The way I have it stacked here, you end up with all the O Antiphons on the bottom row!

I just love these Jesse Tree people.  I love our peg dolls from our peg doll swap, and I thought it would be fun to draw the characters in a ‘peg doll style.’ They came out so cute!  Each image of a Jesse Tree person includes symbolism for that character, and the day in December to open the box and read about that person in Jesus’ lineage.

Just look at Moses splitting the sea!

And the my favorite side on each box assembles into one large nativity scene!

Complete with Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepherds and sheep, three wisemen and their camels, ox and donkey, angel choirs singing, an angel with a trumpet, the manger, Bethlehem in the distance, and the star. I tried to make each block cute on its own, containing a single character if possible. 

Baby Jesus is even glowing in the center 🙂 

Assemble and set these on your mantle, dining room table, or anywhere you want to add some festive Advent decoration.  Each finished box measures just under 2 and 1/2 inches across, up, and deep (they’re cubes).

The download includes detailed instructions with pictures for assembling your boxes. 

All you need are some scissors, glue dots, the printables on cardstock, and whatever you want to fill the boxes with.

Once assembled the boxes can hold a variety of goodies.  Fill them with candy, small toys, small treats like erasers or trinkets, or a slip of paper with an Advent family activity.  The pages in this document also include little rectangles of activities to do during the season, in case you decide to fill your boxes with them!  The activities range from fun ideas like “Read a story and drink hot chocolate” to works of charity like “Visit an elderly home” or “Collect old towels to donate to an animal shelter.”

These are some fun erasers I found at the Dollar Tree

 If you love crafting, you can print the black and white version and color them in yourself.  Make sure you set aside plenty of time for coloring if you chose that option! 

This product includes two downloadable .pdf files; one for the color copies and one for the black and white copies. Each file is 29 pages, 1 for each box, and 3 pages of instructions with pictures for clarity.  The pictures were hand drawn, scanned, edited and digitally colored for the color copies. 

They are on sale for $4 ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Click over to the SHOP to purchase the 3-D Printable Advent Calendar Boxes now and be on your way to a fun Advent countdown to the birth of our Savior!


May you have a blessed Advent full of joyful anticipation of the birth of Jesus!


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