3-D Printable Advent Wreath

I love Advent and it’s almost here.  One of our favorite traditions is having an advent wreath on the table and lighting the candles at dinner.  You can say a special prayer for each week of Advent, or just enjoy the wreath and candles, and the excitement that builds as you light another candle each week the closer you get to Christmas. I was thinking about this fun tradition when I had this idea to make a paper version for kids to craft. So, I present you a 3-D Printable Advent Wreath!

Download the 3-D Printable Advent Wreath

(Please download to your computer and open in a .pdf program like Adobe Acrobat before printing for the best results!)

This printable is free and really fun and easy to assemble into an advent wreath.  While I was at it, I made a Black and White version, Color version, and then a mini-version– so there should be a version to fit a variety of needs (or wants)!

To color you own just print four copies of the black and white version.  Color three candles purple, and one rose (aka pink).  We had fun coloring ours! 

Assembly is really pretty easy.  Cut them out around the wreath and candle.  Then cut along the wreath/candle line until you get to the small back dot.  

Roll your candles into a tube, and secure with tape or glue dots.

Then attach each of the four sections to each other, overlapping the tabs.  If the wreath is too wide, simply overlap a little more.


Can you tell which one the 4yr old colored!? lol

Make this a faster craft by printing the color copies, or make it a smaller project in general by printing the mini-version.  The mini-version might fit perfectly on a doll table, or in a backpack to take home 🙂 It make great decoration for the kid table in your house.  If your kids want to simulate the lighting of the candles, just have them fold the flame part backwards into the candle until the proper week.  Then unfold it to stand back up like you have ‘lit’ it!

I hope you all enjoy this printable Advent Wreath! I’m waiting in joyful hope for the birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ this Christmas, and hopefully this craft brings a little joy to your Advent too!



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