40 Days of Free Lenten Printables: Saint Joseph Coloring Page

Hope you all don’t mind two coloring pages in a row.  Tomorrow is the feast of Saint Joseph! So I made for you a Saint Joseph Coloring Page!

Saint Joseph Coloring Page

Download the Saint Joseph Coloring Page



He is often shown holding Jesus as a child, lilies or a carpenter’s tool. As your children color, teach them about what they are coloring: baby Jesus because Joseph is the foster father of Jesus, lilies are a symbol for purity, and the carpenter tools because Joseph was a carpenter.  He made things out of wood for people, and we know that he also taught Jesus his trade or skills. 


Joseph is a special saint to me because it’s one of our family names.  My husband’s middle name is Joseph, his grandfather was Joseph, my dad’s middle name is Joseph, AND of course our little Charles’ middle name is Joseph.  So we have the name Joseph all over our family tree.  one fo the josephs in my life

My little Charles Joseph is good at making things too (mostly messes).

Tomorrow I’ll be starting a theme of Stations of the Cross printables! I hope you’ll join me for a neat mini-book and some 3-D printable grottos for each Station of the Cross, as we continue this Lenten journey together.

Saint Joseph pray for us!


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