Free Printable Catholic Coloring Calendar 2017

2016 is nearly over, which has inspired me to make this FREE Printable Calendar to Color, complete with Catholic feast days, saint days and liturgical seasons.

Download the Free Printable Catholic Coloring Calendar 2017


All 12 months are included in this free downloadable calendar: January through December.  Each month has the month name, year and what that month is dedicated to in the Catholic Church in bubble letters to color.  Feast days for most of the popular saints are included, as are significant days in the Catholic Church.

Each month has a few black and white symbols of saints to color as well.  For example Saint Patrick has a clover, Saint Joseph has carpenter tools, Saint Catherine of Siena has a lily.  There’s just a few items on each page to color so as to not be overwhelming for you or your kiddos.  Also each season is shown in a scroll across the bottom of the day.  That way you can color it the correct liturgical color for the season.  Right now we’re in Christmas which is white.  But come January 10, we switch back to Ordinary Time which is green.

Probably the best part about this calendar is that it’s free and available to print and use right away.  I personally use both a wall calendar to write big family events, but also a small printable calendar like this which goes into a 3 ring binder.  The big wall calendar gets major family stuff on it (like trips, people visiting etc) and my smaller printable one gets my blog ideas, school ideas, anything I brainstorm about celebrating the saints or liturgical year.  Now that 2016 is past me, and I’m not pregnant anymore (whew!) I’m hoping to do a little more feast day celebrating this year! Who’s with me?

I pray you have had a wonderful 2016, and are looking forward to an awesome 2017.  I hope this calendar helps you bring in the new year with a little more organization and coloring fun!





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