Saint Agnes Coloring Page

I just finished drawing this coloring page of a beautiful saint whose feast day is January 21, Saint Agnes. 

Download the Saint Agnes Coloring Page

(For the best results, download and open in a pdf viewing program like Adobe Acrobat before printing!)

Agnes was said to be a very beautiful girl.  She came from a wealthy family, who wanted her to marry.  She had many suitors because of her beauty, but every time she was asked she said “Jesus Christ is my only Spouse.”  She promised her purity to God and is often shown with a lamb to portray her chastity.  As with many of the early Christians, her faith ended in her death.  Since she was also a martyr for her faith, she’s also shown with a palm.

St. Agnes is the patron saint of young girls, chastity, rape survivors and the Children of Mary.

I hope you enjoy this coloring page of this amazing saint!


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