Free Rosary Notebooking Pages

We will soon be learning the mysteries of Rosary in our homeschooling, so I’m really happy to have made these Rosary Notebooking Pages.  And of course, I’m excited to share them with you for free!

Download the Joyful Rosary Notebooking Page

Download the Glorious Rosary Notebooking Page

Download the Luminous Rosary Notebooking Page

Download the Sorrowful Rosary Notebooking Page

(For the best results, open and save these to your computer before printing.  Print using a PDF viewing program like Adobe Acrobat, not your browser.)

I’m surprised something like this isn’t already on the internet, but happy to be able to just make them myself.    Each page has the title of the mysteries and a picture frame for each mystery – all surrounded by a rosary which you can color.

  For example in the Joyful Mysteries notebooking page, the frames say “The Annunciation,” “The Visitation,” ” The Nativity,” “The Presentation,” and ” The Finding of the Child Jesus in the temple.” 

You can do whatever you like in the frames.  Draw a picture of the mystery, write a description, or even write the names of people or prayer intentions for that decade.

Use these notebooking pages in school as you teach about the Rosary, or at home if you homeschool.  My plan is to use it all week long, and cover one mystery each day.  Then we can draw a picture to go with it and pray a single decade.  You could even use these pages for your littlest ones to simply color as you pray the rosary together.  It’s really pretty open ended… which is what I love about notebooking pages!

If you enjoyed these, please check out my Mini Rosary Books in my shop.  They’re $4, but if you get them in the next 2 weeks you can use the code ROSARY to get 50% off! Tell your friends 😉 

If that’s out of your price range, then I also have a Rosary Coloring Page and a free Printable Giant Rosary.  All great tools for teaching, learning or just entertaining little people using the Rosary. 

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