The most holy name of Mary Coloring Page

In a rare event, I found myself caught up on laundry, my big kids happily playing outside in the nice weather, and I was in a doodle-y mood… I checked my calendar and saw that next week is the feast day of The most holy name of Mary, and thought that would be a fun coloring page to make!

Download the Most Holy name of Mary Coloring page

(For the best results in printing download and save to your computer.  Open in a .pdf viewing program like Adobe Acrobat and print.)

I love that the Catholic Church teaches a love and reverence for the mother of Jesus, our blessed mother Mary.  God chose her, from all women of all ages and places, to give birth to His one and only Son, Jesus Christ. She had no reservations, but willingly and without hesitation chose to be a part of God’s plan for her.  You can’t deny that Mary deserves the highest honor.  If only I could be more like her. If only we could all be more like her.

Maybe while your kids color this page in, you can talk about all the names we have for Mary.  The Loreto Litanies name Mary in more than 50 ways.  It doesn’t even include the “Our Lady of…” Marys.  Sometimes my kids get confused about all the “Our Lady of…” Marys.  So today might be a good time to remind them that all the “Our Lady of …” are all the same Mary, just appearing to different people in different places.

Thanks for reading.  Mother Mary, pray for us!



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