Peg Doll Faces {Printable guide and Planner}

I know I usually post fun coloring sheets, but I recently participated in a peg doll exchange, and I’m all excited about it.  What I loved the most is all the unique styles each person chose for their Peg Dolls.  I thought, wouldn’t it be neat if there was an easy printable to use as a guide for painting peg doll faces? So I made one. Then I thought, wouldn’t it also be neat to have a planning page for drawing my sketches on? So I made one of those too.

Printable Peg Doll Guide and Planner


Let’s just go ahead and say up front, this is NOT an exhaustive list.  There are probably thousands of ways to paint your peg dolls, these are just a few of the most common ways I’ve seen (and loved).  Feel free to do your own thing and completely ignore this printable.  Or if you just want a few ideas, print it off and have it handy while you plan and paint your own set. Oh yea, and it’s free. Just click below.

Peg Doll Planner and Guide Printables


And now I show off all my cool peg dolls from the Old Testament Swap I participated in, and analyze/talk about my favorite face features!  If you don’t care about any of this you can print the guide and move along in life. I promise my feelings won’t be hurt.


First, let’s look at the eyes.

Peg Doll Eyes

Don’t underestimate the power of “JUST DOTS.”  Yes they’re simple but they’re open to endless possibilities (depending on the rest of the face).  Are they happy, sad, excited, lonely? Just dots for eyes lets your child imagine any feeling they want with their peg doll.  Not to mention they are super easy.  Use a sharpie or just the wooden end of your paint brush to dab little black dots for eyes and you’re done.  Maybe 1 second per eye? Plus there is some variability even in the ‘just dots’ style.  Put them far apart or close together- each shows a different personality.

Peg dolls with just dots for eyes

From L to R: Joshua, Ruth, Jacob, Noah

I actually created a small collection of little people with ‘just dots’ for eyes and no other facial features.  I use them when teaching stories that involve crowds.  When Jesus teaches a crowd, feeds a crowd, a crowd follows him etc, Jesus has to walk through crowds, or at the passion the crowd shouted “Crucify Him.”  Since they have no mouths or eyebrows, they have no expression and thus take on whatever expression the story gives them. Also, without facial features they end up being all sorts of emotions when my daughter plays with them on her own- angry, sad, happy, excited.  I’ve seen them do anything from having a party to shouting “Crucify Him.” Talk about a versatile doll.

little peg people with no faces

I have 10 of these guys, but I could only find 4 of them for a picture. Go Figure.


Shiny Dots- my favorite.  I know a lot of people go for more realistic looking eyes, but I like the simplicity of the shiny dot.  All the peg dolls (except my ‘crowd’ dolls) I paint have shiny dots because- they’re super easy but slightly fancier than just a dot.

Shiny eyed peg dolls

From L to R: Jeremiah, Joseph (colored coat), and Resurrection Jesus from Lacy’s Printable Peg Dolls– he’s not from the swap I just love him!

Happy Squinty and Sad Squinty eyes can really go either way, I just felt like giving them names. It really comes down to the happy or sad mouth you give them.  

happy squints

Just look how happy Solomon and this Angel are! (again the angel is from the resurrection set)

Happy lady squinty eyes- I love these! They make your girl peg dolls so feminine and happy at the same time!

lady squint eye peg dolls

Seriously, how cute are Elizabeth and Sarah?!

Ok, on to Noses and Eyebrows.  Is anyone still with me? Oh well, I know I’m having fun.

Peg Doll noses and eyebrows

My picture above neglects to have just NO NOSE OR EYEBROWS as an option.  That’s actually, the most common I’ve found so far, and it’s totally legit.  Peg people don’t have to have noses, what do they need to smell anyway? Just look how cute Adam and Eve are, and without noses or eyebrows.

adam and eve

And then these guys display a nice assortment of both noses and brows.  I love the very masculine look the heavy brows give. But, wow does Malchizedek look amazing, and he has a simple line for a nose and gentle white arched eyebrows.

brows and noses

Malchizedek, Tobit, and Caleb

And because I’m getting tired, and can’t believe I’m still writing about Peg Dolls, Mouths!


By Far I see the simple happy curve the most! Simple, easy to make and so happy! Here’s Queen Ester, simple eyes simple smile, still beautiful!


And these three, two of them have the simple smile and are so lovely!

more girl peg dolls

From L to R: Rachel, St. Ann, Judith

And I just love the lips on these ladies!

lovely lady peg dolls

From L to R: Rahab, Leah and Hannah

Ok, that’s enough showing off of my dolls.  I have plenty more, I just don’t know where the kids put them.  And if I was in your swap and they don’t appear here, just take it as a compliment that my kids love them and play with them so much that I can’t find them.

What are your favorite styles of Peg Doll Faces? What’s your go-to eye design? I’d love to hear your thoughts!




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  1. Cindy

    Thanks for this wonderful post and including my doll!

  2. Susie

    How helpful and generous! Thank you!

    1. Kristen Rabideau (Post author)


  3. Amelia S.

    Thanks! Lacy from Catholic Icing directed me here! This is great. I usually sketch the peg doll outlines on random scraps of paper, but this would be great to put in a binder as a journal.

    My kids love the Adam and Eve you made!

    1. Kristen Rabideau (Post author)

      Thanks! I didn’t make the Adam and Eve, I got those from a swap I did with some other amazing mommas out there. 🙂

  4. Cheryl

    Love this post. Thanks for all the examples it’s gonna come in handy for a doll swap I’m doing this summer. Thanks for taking the time to share your talent with us.

  5. Gaya

    excellent post. thank you. I am venturing into this cute world of peg doll making and this helps. What do you use to draw? Markers, a particular brand? Please do tell.


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