Printable Our Lady of Fatima Prayer Cards

October 13th 2017, marks the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima’s final apparition to the three children in Portugal.  I already have a couple Our Lady of Fatima printables like a coloring page and minibook, but in case you are in need of something different, I just made these printable Our Lady of Fatima prayer cards.

Download the Our Lady of Fatima Prayer Card

(Please download to your computer and open in a .pdf program like Adobe Acrobat before printing for the best results!)

These cards are perfect for your classroom, CCD, or even just at home.  They print 4 to a page, so the prayer cards are 1/4 sheet size, and there are dotted lines to help you cut them.  If you want them smaller you can cut just around the frame.  Print them front and back, flipping along the long side of the page.  Print on cardstock and laminate to make something to keep forever! Your children could even write the date on their cards, and keep them as a keepsake. 

I’m planning to have some sort of Fatima Anniversary party this friday.  I don’t know exactly how it’s going to look yet, but we’ll certainly be coloring in these prayer cards and watching the CCC movie:  “The Day the Sun Danced,” a CCC of America movie.  

What are your plans this Friday?  

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