Saint Anne Coloring Page

Saint Anne and Joachim’s Feast day is coming up on July 26!  I only made a coloring page of Saint Anne for you though.  Maybe I’ll make a coloring page of both next year.  Saint Anne is the patron saint of homemakers.  Even though I may face different challenges in homemaking as she did (like plastic dinosaurs all over my floor and last week’s coffee still on my desk… can you relate?), I know I can really use her prayers.  As a former full time working mom to a stay-at-home mom, I know I still have areas for improvement in my new homemaking ‘career.’  

Saint Anne Coloring pageDownload the Saint Anne Coloring Page

For the best results, please click and save to your computer before printing.  Sometimes the bubble letters don’t print correctly if you just print it from your browser.


Red and Green are the traditional colors for Saint Anne, so as you color in the coloring page or plan feast day activities, try to incorporate these colors.  It just so happens, that watermelon is red AND green, and grows well in the summer- so we may be having that as our feast day celebration.  (Plus it’s easy!)


Saint Anne, pray for us!


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