Saint Cecilia Coloring Page

I just made this Saint Cecilia Coloring Page with a pretty little musical border!  Her feast day is November 22nd and she’s the patron saint of music!

Saint Cecilia Coloring Page

(Please open and save to your computer before printing.  Printing from your browser messes up the bubble letters sometimes!)

Sometimes she is depicted playing a harp, othertimes an organ, but I drew her with my favorite, a violin.  In what feels like another life I played the violin.  College, jobs, marriage and children has resulted in my violin living a neglected life in the top of a closet somewhere.  Oh well.  Now, I listen to the music of children giggling, and isn’t that a sweeter sound!

Saint Cecilia was known to be beautiful, and her parents betrothed her to a man named Valerian.  The story goes that she told him she gave herself to God and an angel protected her virginity.  Well, Valerian saw that angel with his own eyes, and converted to Christianity.  Saint Cecilia won over many souls to Christ in her lifetime.  Of course, she lived in a time when it was not popular or generally allowed to be Christian and her death was ordered.  She was shut up in a bath house to burn/suffocate, and yet she survived.  Then they tried to cut her head off.  But they couldn’t.  After giving up on trying to behead her, they left her bleeding where she survived for another three days! Amazing.

Use this coloring page to keep your kids hands busy as you teach them about this wonderful saint.  If you love Saint Cecilia, you should know she’s also in my Saint Paper Dolls set. And she has a pop-up scene in my Saint Scenes. Check them out if you’ve never seen them before.  My kids play with these paper dolls all the time!

Saint Cecilia, Pray for us!

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